The cottage in Gjertadalen

As guests in the holiday homes on Amble Gård you can visit the old cottage in Gjertadalen. The cottage was used by the lumberjacks who worked in the forest on Ambøe Gård. When they worked manually in the forest they used horses to transport the lumber out of the forest. The people who worked in the forest walked home after a long day, but the horses and a few people stayed the nights in the cabin.

The cabon has bee renovated the last years. In 2015 we made a new wooden roof. In 2021 we renovated the windows and painted the livingroom floor. The house is furnished and it is possible to go inside, light a fore in the fire place and make coffee on the stove.

The trip to the cabin is nice. It can be combined with a trip to Tjøndeltjødni or the viewpoint above Manheller ferry place. There is a map in the information book in your house.

The cabin is locked, but the key is in the keybox next to the door. Contact us to get the code to the keybox.