Hiking trips from Amble Gård

Here are some examples of hikes you can do as a guest on Amble Gård. All these trips are better described in the information book in the holiday houses. There you will also find a hiking map for the region and tips about other great hikes in the area. 

For description of local hikes you can also visit the link http://www.ut.no


Kvitebergholten is a fantastic viewpoint. The walk goes steep up on a marked trail from Amble Farm. You can either follow the old path to the summerfarm Hungerhaug, which starts from Amble Gård or follow the forest road that winds up the hillside from the farm.


The Hauståkernakken is a little shorter trip than the Kvitebergholten, but gives a majestic view of Amlabukti and the Sognefjord. The hike takes about 45 minutes from Amble Farm


The trip to Tjøndeltjødni is a nice day trip. You can start from Amble Farm or drive the first part of the road up to the landfill, SIMAS. The trail is marked with red marks. There are many great viewpoints along the way.


Hungerhaug is Amble Gårds old summerfarm. From Amble Gård you can follow the old path to the summerfarm which goes steep up the forested hill behind the farm. It is also possible to Reach Hungerhaug on the forest road.


Amlaholten is one of the two Mountains which makes up the entrance of the Amla bay. The hike to the top is Nice and gives a great view to the Sognefjord and back down on the village.


From Vardahei you have a view of Kaupanger, Jotunheimen and the Sognefjord. The tour continues from the summerfarm Hungerhaug on a marked footpath.  Vardahei can also be reached from Dalaker in Kaupanger.