Today the farm is run by Mette Marie Heiberg and her husband Anders Bjærke. They took over the farm from Mette Maries parents, Ingebjørg and Gjert Heiberg in 2013.

Mette Marie is the second woman in the Heiberg Family to inherit and run the farm. The first female owner of Amble Gård was also named Mette Marie Heiberg. In 1722, she bought two farms, which together with the one she inhereted from her father make up Amble Gård as it is today.

In february 2013, the 11th generation Heiberg, Maria Bjærke Heiberg, was born.  In june 2015 Maria got a sister, Ida Bjærke Heiberg and in May 2018 Anne Bjærke Heiberg was born.