We have a summerfarm ( Two small cabins, one by the road and one by the lake) by Dalavatnet in the Sogndal valley, which is free to use for our guests. We have two boats down by the lake which can be used for trout fishing in the lake. It is possible to go inside both houses. In the cabins you can make coffe and eat your lunch. Key to the cabins you get from us.

How to find Kokstad
To find Kokstad you drive from Kaupanger to Sogndal and further on the road number 5 towards Fjærland. From Amble Gård it is approximately 28 km to Kokstad. To find the right pace to take off from the main road, look for the red cabin close by the roa don the right hans side. Approximately 50 meters before the red cabin you drive off the main road. A closer description with pictures can be found in each house.

The two cabins
The brown cabin lies close to the parking. To find the way down to the cabin by the lake, pass the brown cabin and walk approximately 100 metres through the spruce forest. The cabin has a nice room with a view to the lake.

Fishing at Kokstad
The area planted with spruce belongs to us. From here you can fish from the land for free. You can also use the boat and fish in the lake around the cabin. To lifejackets can be found in the cabin behind the livingroom. These should be worn in the boat. If you are more than two people you could bring some lifejackets from the beachhouse on the farm, but we kindly ask you to bring them back.