Mette Marie owns and runs Amble Gård. She is involved in most tnings on the farm, but she is not so good with driving tractors and fixing machines. She tries to learn from Jarek. Now she transports apple boxes and cuts the grass in the garden.

Mette enjoys the variety of farm work. She loves to make new plans and to have a lot of projects going. She likes to be in the apple orchards and together with Anete she prunes and takes care of the organc garden. Mette is also working with the juice and loves to experiement with new products.

Mette is the hostess for the tourists who visit Amble Gård, both in the holiday homes and on the campground.

Mette is very lucky to have a very nice crew on Amble Gård. Together we try to make a nice environment both for us who work here and for everyone who visists during the year.


Anete works on Amble Gård all year. She lives with her family in Kaupanger.

Anete is involved in most things that happens on the farm. She is an expert in renovating old windows. With a firm hand she gives new life to old windows. You can see them all around the farm- made by Anete.

In the summertime Anete works mostly with tourism. She keeps all houses clean and ready for new guests. She also keeps lawns and gardens nice. Anete is also in charge of the sanitary building on Amlasanden Fjordcamping.

Anete spends a lot of time in the organic orchard. She has been part of the planting of most new trees. She prunes, thinnes and picks apples and is involved in juicemaking in the autumn.

Anete has been working on Amble Gård since 2017.


Jarek is the farms own mechanic. He is the boss of all macines and fixes everything that needs and can be fixed.

Jarek is from Poland, but he lives in Norway from April to November.

Jarek is involved in most things on Amble Gård. He drives all the machines in the garden, harvest the hay, do carpenter work nd makes the juice. He is also often seen on the campground collecting the daily money.

Jarek has been working on Amble Gård since. I Poland he lives together with Anita and their daughter Julia, 4 years old.


Lukasz is Jareks younger brother. He has been working on Amble Gård since 2018. He is like his brother very good with most things. He works with most machines and is involved in most operations. Lukasz is a trained painter and very good with tiles. In the spring 2020 he changed all gutters on the old museum in Amla.
Lukasz is in Amla spring and autumn. In the summertime he goes back to Poland to cut corn.


Wieslaw has been on the farm since Mette was a child. He first came to Amla in 1989. He has been on the farm almost every year since, and is a well known face in Kaupanger. Wieslav has throughout the years recruited the other people who work on the farm, among them Jarek, Lukasz and Svavek.

Wieslav has been the a very valuable resource on the farm. He has done everything from builiding houses to planting fruit trees, fixing machines and making machines for juice production. After the corona pandemic Wieslav has not been to Norway.


Stefan is a very nice fruitexpert from Plvovdiv, Bulgaria. He has a masters degree in agronomy and has been working as manager in big apple orchards in Bulgaria. Stefan is also very handy, and now he works as a mechanic back home. Due to the Corona pandemic Stefan did not come to Norway in 2020 and 2021. We look forward to having Stefan back on the tea. He was first time on Amble Gård in year 2000 and has been here many seaons since, last tme in 2019. .


Svavek was working on Amble Gård from 2013-2017 and made in this period a lot of big projects on the farm. Svavek built, together with Wieslav and Jarek parts of the new sanitary building on Amlasanden Fjordcamping. In 2017 Svavek chose to take a break from the work in Norway, but he opened a small possibility to come back if we really needed him.

In 2020 with the planting of the new garden Svavek came back. In addtion to planting the new garden he fixed the roof on the barn as well as the roof of the old museum in Amla.