About the farm


The farm Amblegaard has 20 hectar cultivable land, 1200 hectar forest and 1200 hectar mountains

At Amble Gård, we cultivate the soil organically because we believe it is good, both for as farmers and for you who are going to eat what we harvest.

For us, it is about taking care of the place for future generations and creating a real and pleasant experience for our guests.

At Amble Gård you can experience active farming and taste our juicy
apples, which are grown with love and picked by hand.

The apple garden consists of an older part, planted in the 1980s and 1990s, as well as a part with new planting from 2017 and 2020. In total, the apple garden makes up about 3,5 hectars.

On the rest of the field we cultivate hay. We sell organic hay to other farmers in the area. The forest consists mainly of pine in the hills above Amble Farm. Here wedo forestry and deer hunting.

Opplev ferien på Amble Gård








Apple trees

The Forest on Amble Gård

The property extends from the fjord up to about 1200 meters above sea level. Productive forest accounts for about half of properties area, about 1200 hectars. The property is dominated by natural pine forest. The forest is strongly characterized by harvesting. After harvesting it is partly planted with spruce. From 1950 until 1980, timber was harvested almost every year. There has been little or no activity in the forest since 1980. The property has a well-developed network of forest roads.

The organic apple garden

The organic apple garden at Amble Gård consists of about 7000 trees of various ages. The oldest part of the garden is from about 1980. In 2017 we planted 2000 new trees. In the spring of 2020, 3000 new trees were planted. We have the varieties Discovery, Red and yellow Aroma, Idunn and Eir. The apple garden is 3,5 hectars and fenced with deer fence

The production of apple juice

The production of organic apple juice takes place at Amble Farm in September and October. The apples are cut into small pieces and squeezed. Apple juice is pasteurized and filled on 3- and 5-liters bag in box. We only make apple juice of pure varieties and today we sell organic apple juice of Discovery, Aroma, Idunn and Eir

Production of organic hay

At Amble Gård we produce organic hay. We only use organic fertilizers in production. The production is approved by Debio, the control authority for organic farming in Norway. The hay is dried on the fiels before being transported and dried inside the barn. During the autumn and winter the dry hay is pressed into balls of about 16-18 kg. The hay is mainly sold to local farmers.